Wish to team

hello, I come to MTA, WCG, like a Newbie, but now I'm in Russian Underground Republic, a Gang who's leader is the great Maxhamer, I'm in this team not many long time but about...3 months if I am wrong, tell me, I tryed to start my own new team, it is called United Aircraft Support[UAS], I don't wanna talk a lot about it because it's failed, and I plan to start a new application in beggining of October.
but i love RUR and I thinking to stay in it for a long time, maybe 4ever
Newest things 

I have no newest things just some new mods, handling lines etc...
In this site i will show you how to: edit handling.cfg, add new cars to GTA(MTA)...
you see before my link from my site was broken, I haved my site before this, but I decided to change it, now is this how you see, support me to better future and my new works, thanks...
This is my new site
Hello I am ex Waren2, now I change my 
name to NightEagle, Welcome to my site!
I didn't stole anybodys name...
So, many peoples think that I stole this name (NightEagle) from Nitefang, so how you see NightEagle isn't the same like Nitefang, try to see that please, so don't ask me about this anymore, thanks, Enjoy!

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